Finding Time to Craft

Do you struggle with finding the time to sit down at your craft table and create a card?  Do you feel that when you do find time to craft that you didn’t achieve what you really hoped for?  we’ve all been there, we all find it a struggle to find time to do anything for ourselves. Let me share with you a few tips to help you find time and make the most of that time when crafting.

Set aside time for yourself

There is never enough hours in the day … or is there? Planning your time is vital to function on a daily basis, so why not plan and schedule in some “me time” with your craft supplies.

  • Get out your calendar and schedule in that time for yourself.
  • Let your family know that this is what you will be doing and the time in which you will be in your craft room
  • Put a “Do not disturb” sign on the door and advise the family do not come in unless it’s an emergency.  (It’s only an emergency if I need to dial 000)

Order Take-out

I love it when I don’t have to cook, so why not order pizza on the night you’ve planned to craft?  Everyone is being fed, there are no dishes or very little, and everyone is happy, which means you can now lock yourself in your craft room and not feel guilty about dinner.

A Mother’s job is never done

There will always be washing to fold, meals to cook, floors to clean and beds to be made.  It is never ending story, and it doesn’t matter how on top of things you think you are there will always be something else you need to do.  So pause for a moment…. and ask yourself, “Can these things wait?” The answer… YES…. (I have 3 days of washing that needs folding).  So stop feeling guilty because you didn’t make the bed today, and go craft.

Plan your time

You’ve made it to your craft room, now what?  Planning and using your time effectively is just as important as finding the time to actually sit down and craft.  What do you want to achieve in the next 2 hours that you’ve allocated yourself?  A Birthday Card!  that’s great let’s do it…. unsure where to begin?  This is where most of us come undone, we finally get that time to ourselves but spend the next few hours searching the internet for ideas that we end up walking out feeling unproductive.

Plan ahead what you want to do,  and write a to-do list.  A Birthday card for Tommy’s 1st Birthday, a gift box to put Christmas treats in or simply to create a project using the new stamp set you just purchased.

If ideas is something you struggle to find, then use the time when you’re sitting in waiting room at the doctors, or in the car picking the kids up from school and look at pinterest or other sources for ideas.  When the baby’s asleep go and check on your supplies to ensure you have everything you need, or find alternatives for the suggested supplies.  eg, change colour scheme, use a different shape punch, change the greeting etc.

Doing these little things will help you be organised while finding time to craft.  Plus use that time productively so you come out feeling like you have accomplished everything on your to-do list.

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestion on what you do to find and set aside time to craft?

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Kristy Coromandel

Kristy Coromandel has been paper crafting for over 14 years. Being primarily self taught and always willing to try new things, she not only fell in love with the craft but enjoys sharing it with others even more.

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