How To Get Your Hands on the New Annual Catalogue!

The new Stampin’ Up!® Annual Catalogue has landed in my hot little hands and it is AMAZING.

How can you get your hands on your copy AND order new products?

That is a GREAT questions. Those that have ordered from me in last 12 months will have received an email letting them know that I have ordered them a catalogue.

For everyone else, you can order a free catalogue here, all I ask is that you cover the cost of shipping.

Now, how do you order new product now? YOU JOIN UP. Otherwise you have to wait until the 2 May 2023. Seriously? Why wait when you can order new products now and get $66 FOR FREE. Yes you read that right.

You can order a max of $235 worth of product and you pay…… $169 and FREE postage. That is a saving of around $77. UNBELIEVABLE!


Once you join up you will be able to shop for more new products, as I am sure that there is more that you want… and you will receive 20% discount on every purchase you make.  EVEN BETTER.

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