Kickstart Your Card Making Adventure: Your Essential Crafting Kit

There’s an irresistible charm about craftiing bespoke cards – it’s not just delightfully engaging, it can be highly therapeutic too. As you begin your journey into the wonderful world of card making, you might find yourself a bit flustered about gathering the right supplies. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In fact, I’ve lauched a Youtube series, “Getting Started with Card Making” to guide you every step of the way. And for the bookworms out there, we’ve distilled everything from the video right here for your convenience. Let’s explore the crafting essentials you’ll need to set sail on your card-making journey!

Meet Your Crafting Companions:


Say hello to your new best friend – the paper trimmer. This tool is going to be a game-changer, not just for card mkaing but also for your overall crafting journey. Paper trimmers ensure sharp, even cuts, making your crafting process quicker and smoother. choose from a variety of styles, like the guillotine or slider, based on what suits you best. Remember, a good tirmmer should come with a trimming tool for cutting and a scoring tool for creasing. Additionally, look for a right side grid, a ruler, and an extendable arm to accommodate larger paper sizes.


White cardstock is the backbone of most of your cards, the canvas for your creative escapades, heartfelt messages, artistic embellishments, and more. Its importantance in card making warrants a good investment. Choose the weight of your cardstock based on the purpose it will serve – heavier for embellished cards, lighter for picture borders. Don’t hesitate to experiement with specialty papers as you progress!


This simple tool is indispensable in the crafting world. A ruler with both inch and centimenter measurements can help with positioning elements on your card, drawing lines, lining up die cuts and sentiments, scoring cardstock and much more. If you need a refresher on how to read a ruler, check out the helpful tips in our video.


While some prefer crafting freehand, sketching your design with pencil first allows for perfection in execution. An eraser, of course, is your safety net for any potential mistakes.


Adhesives are the unsung heroes of crafting. A variety of adhesives will be crucial for your card making journey. Select lightweight but robust adhesives like adhesive runners or Tear Tape to bind photos and papers to cards, scrapbook pages and gift bags. School glue or tape simply won’t do the trick here!


A pair of sharp sissors is an essential partner to your paper trimmer. Ideal for cutting thread to embellishments or intricately cutting around a sentiment, scissors are a desk-top favourte.


A bone folder is the ultimate all-rounder in your toolkit. This versatile tool ensures clean folds in cards, perfect liners in invitations neat creases in stationery, and much more, lending a professional touch to your creations. Use it for scoring your crafting projects or burnishing a fold.


A sheet of grid or scrap paper is an easy solution for protecting your workspace and esnuring quick clean ups. The gridded paper also doubles up as a convenient measuring tool.

Your Crafting Challenge:

Equipped with this knowledge of essential supplies for card making, your challenge now is to gather these tools and start creating. Ready to embark on yoru card-making journey? With this kit as your disposal, you’ll be craftiing beautiful, personalised cards in no time at all! Happy Crafting!

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