The Handy Guide to Essential Heat Embossing Tools

Heat Embossing is one of the most versatile techniques in a paper crafter’s toolbox. It can be used to add texture, dimension and even colour to so many different types of paper crafts that once you learn how to do it, you’ll never run out of creative possibilities!

In this post, we’ll break this fun and adaptable technique down to the essentials and sharing the heat embossing tools and supplies that you’ll need to have a successful heat embossing experience, plus a few extras that you might want to pick up once you’re ready to take your embossing to the next level

If you’re ready to give heat embossing a try but aren’t sure what you’ll need to get started, this guide is made for you!

Heat Embossing Ink

What is it?

Embossing ink, also known as watermark or resist ink, is a very sticky and slow drying ink that is available in stamp pad, re-inker and marker/pen form. Stamp pads can be used to ink up any sort of rubber or photopolymer stamp, and they can also be used to “smoosh” embossing ink directly onto paper. Markers and pens offer much more control for hand-drawn designs and hand lettering.

Why is it essential?

Because of its stickiness and longer dry time, embossing ink is perfect for holding embossing powder in place before it’s cured.

Embossing Powder

What is it?

Embossing powder is made up of fine, powdered granules that quickly melt and fuse when heat is applied with an embossing heat tool or heat gun. Embossing powders come in a variety of colours and textures, and extra fine-grained powders can be purchased for projects that have elements with very thin lines and intricate details.

If you’re just starting out, regular grain clear, white, and black powders are your best, most versatile options.

Why is it essential?

When melted and cured, embossing powder creates a raised image or pattern on the surface to which it has been applied. In other words, it puts the “embossing” in heat embossing.

Heat Embossing Tool

What is it?

A heat embossing tool also known as a heat gun, is a quick-heating, electric tool that can reach 300 degrees or more. In addition to curing embossing powder, a heat gun can also be used to quickly dry inks or watercolours.

Why is it essential?

A heat embossing tool allows you to quickly and easily melt and cure embossing powder on the surface of cardstock and paper. In other words, it puts the “heat” in heat embossing.

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Non-essential (but recommended!) heat embossing tools

  • Anti-static tools, such as powder-filled sachets and powder-filled containers with brushes on one end, help prevent stray particles of embossing powder from sticking to paper and cardstock when brushed over the surface before embossing ink is applied.
  • Plastic trays or coffee filters can catch any extra embossing powder that you shake pour or tap off of your paper or cardstock before heating. They make it easy to funnel extra powder back into its container for furture use and can be used over and over again.
  • A small, dry paint brush can be used to remove or loosen stray bits and blobs of embossing powder from the surface of paper adn card stock before heating.
  • Craft tweezers help you hold paper and card stock at a safe distance from your fingers when you’re using a heat embossing tool.

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