The Magic of Ink Blending: A Simple Guide to Vibrant Card Making

Hello, fellow crafters! Today, I want to share with you one of my all-time favourite techniques for making extraordinary cards – ink blending. This technique is my trusty go-to, creating bold, eye-catching backgrounds quickly and easily.




Kick off your project by masking off a section of your cardstock with painters tape. This ensure you have a neat area where you colour blend will live.

Apply Your First Layer of Ink

Select your lightest colour of ink to start. I started with Crushed Curry, I recommend this because it’s easier to gradually build up intensity, and it helps avoid any sudden splotches. Begin by blending off the cardstock, the slowly and in a circular motion, apply the colour onto your cardstock. The goal is to add the ink gently and in layers. Remember to keep a light hand at the start,

Add More Colours

Next, pick your slightly darker colour (Pumpkin Pie) and repeat the process. The idea is to layer the colours until you achieve your desired level of saturation. The beauty of ink blending is that you can customise the depth of oclour to your preference

Reveal Your Masterpiece

Once you’re satisfied with your blending background, carefully peel off the painters tape. Voila! You’re left with a clean, vibrant blended background.

Add Final Touches

Finish your card by stamping your chosen image and greeting in black ink. To add depth and contrast, mat your card front onto black cardstock and adhere to your card base. Embellish as you like – perhaps with glitter, sequins, gems or ribbon.

And there you have it, youre’ done! You’ve created a visually stunning card using the technique of in blending.

For a visual guide to these steps, check out the video tutorial below:

This simple yet effective method can transform your card making, giving your creations a professional touch. happy blending, crafters!

Kristy Coromandel

Kristy Coromandel

Kristy Coromandel has been paper crafting for over 14 years. Being primarily self taught and always willing to try new things, she not only fell in love with the craft but enjoys sharing it with others even more.

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