The Ultimate Craft Tool: Discover the Magic of Bone Folders

If you’re ever found yourself questioning the buzz surrounding bone folders, you’re about to embark on an enlightening journey. Universally celebrated as a Swiss army knife of craft tools bone folders serve a multitude of purposes, transforming any creation into professional masterpiece.

Be it perfecting folds for your homemade cards, ensuring a smooth liner for your invitations, crafting clean creases on your stationery, or crafting precision scores for recessing photos in scrapbooking – bone flders are the tool of choice. But it doesn’t stop there. This versatile gadget holds a special place in the realm of bookbinding as well, promising limitless creativity.

Let’s rewind a bit. What exactly is a bone folder? Rotted in tradition, this ‘basic’ tool gets its name from its primary material – animal bone. It is the very same device that skilled bookbinders have been employing for centuriers. Each bone folder flaunts two distinct ends, each designed for a specific purpose.

The first end tapers to a gentle point, perfect for deep scoring of heavyweight paper or for leaving an indent on a book board. The bonus? This pointed tip can be sanded down to achieve the desired roundess based on your specific project needs.

Among the myriad of tasks a bone folder can accomplish, two stand out as favourites among crafting enthusiasts:

  1. Scoring Your Paper Projects: Want to create score lines for your cards, boxes, or any other paper craft projects? A bone folder is your trusted companion. It not only assists in scoring but also ensures precision and neatness in your work.
  2. Burnishing Folds: Looking to make your folds look smoother and more professional? Turn to a bone folder. It burnishes folds to perfection, adding a polished touch to your paper crafts.


In this video you will be introduced to Stampin’ Up! bone folder.


In this video, we’ll guide you to the path of mastering the use of a bone folder for scoring lines in your paper crafting projects. Whether you’re lacking a paper trimmer equipped with a scoring blade or you’ve simply misplaced your scoring blade, don’t fret. You’ll discover how this versatile tool can produce a flawless fold line in any paper craft project, ensuring your craftsmanship never has to be compromised. Let’s dive in and start with your bone folder!


In this video you will learn how to use Stampin’ Up! Bone Folder to burnish a fold

In the vast universe of crafting tools, the bone folder unquestionably holds a pivotal postion. So, the next time you set out to craft, ensure this multi-tasking tool is within your arm’s reach!

Kristy Coromandel

Kristy Coromandel

Kristy Coromandel has been paper crafting for over 14 years. Being primarily self taught and always willing to try new things, she not only fell in love with the craft but enjoys sharing it with others even more.

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