Watercolour Online Class

You don’t have to be an Impressionist painter to create watercolour masterpieces! With Kristy Coromandel Classes’ Watercolour for Card Makers, you’ll learn card-making expert tips and tricks for creating popular watercolour looks on your cards—using  supplies you may already have!

Join instructor Kristy Coromandel as she explores the many different ways you can achieve beautiful (and simple!) watercolour effects. Starting with easy soft sky washes and progressing to darling hand-painted images, the approachable lessons offered in Watercolour for Card Makers are tailored to help you grow with the class. In addition to traditional watercolours, other mediums will be used, such as Dye Ink, pencils, and more. You are sure to find something that is suited for you!

Over the course of this class, you’ll be introduced to techniques and concepts through expert instructor videos!  Watercolor for Card Makers includes:

  • 10+ videos with cards!
  • Supply list and Measurements for every project
  • Simple watercolor techniques and ideas for every card-making style and skill level!

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