I Help Card-Makers Enhance Your Skills and Boost Your Creative Confidence to Effortlessly Craft Beautiful Designs You Adore.

Need a Boost in Your Card-Making Creativity?

You have a passion for creating beautiful cards but feel stifled by creative blocks, time constraints or doubts about your artistic abilities…

Whether you are:

  • A beginner wanting to enhance your card-making skills and start on the right foot or
  • An experienced card making finding it challenging to consistently come up with unique designs


I’m here to guide you through it!

Hi there, I'm Kristy

Your go-to card-making guru! With a deep passion for crafting beautiful cards, I’m here to help fellow card makers enhance your skills and boost your creative confidence.

Join me on this creative journey and create stunning cards that capture the essence of your unique style. Get ready to unleash your inner card making maestro with me as your guide!

Online Classes & PDF Tutorials for Sale

10 Tips for Card-Making on a Budget

Ready to take your card crafting to the next level without breaking the bank? I’ve got a fantastic freebie just for you – “10 Tips for Card Making on a Budget”!


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